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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  September 24, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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how can mitt romney take on the cheaters... when he's taking their side? made gluten-free cereals in a bunch of yummy flavors. like cinnamon chex, honey nut chex, and chocolate chex... we're in cereal heaven. so thanks. from the mcgregors, 'cause we love chex. good monday morning, i'm chris jansing. a new and potentially critical week on the trail and the romney campaign is intensifying efforts in the swing states where polls show him running behind. today mitt romney will campaign in colorado and then kick off a bus tour through ohio with running mate paul ryan, trying to put a tough week behind them. >> a lot of republicans would like to know a lot of your donors would like to know how do you turn this thing around? >> well, it doesn't need a turnaround. we've got a campaign which is tied with an incumbent president
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of the united states. i've got a very effective campaign. it's doing a very good job. but not everything i say is elegant, and i want to make it very clear, i want to help 100% of the american people. >> in back-to-back interviews on "60 minutes," both candidates laid out their vision and admitted mistakes. romney said he spoke inelegantly. the president admitting he hadn't changed the culture in washington. >> i'm the first one to confess that the spirit that i brought to washington, that i wanted to see instituted where we weren't constantly in a political slugfest but were focused more on problem solving, you know, i haven't fully accomplished that. >> here's the brand-new politico/george washington university battleground poll. the president has a slight lead over romney, and barring a major event, the window may be closing for romney to make inroads in those key battleground states.
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let me bring in real politics reporter erin pike and politico's alexander burns. good morning to both of you. erin, not only did mitt romney say his campaign doesn't need a turnaround, yet he said i want to be president of the 100%. is he, though, undoing some of the damage that he did with his 47% comments? >> he's trying to. i think we'll see him try to do a lot more damage control as he campaigns through ohio this week. a lot of middle-class voters right there. and he'll be campaigning all the way through the state tuesday and wednesday. he's going to have to do a little bit more because the obama campaign continues to use this against him. they have a new ad out in ohio this morning that uses that 47% comment against him. >> alex, romney went again after president obama for not meeting with benjamin netanyahu. mitt romney said he should be more specific about his own foreign policy, and listen to. >> well, let's see what i've done since i came into office. i said i'd end the war in iraq. i did. i said that we'd go after al qaeda. they've been decimated in the
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fatah. that we'd go after bin laden. he's gone. so i've executed on my foreign policy, and it's one that the american people largely agree with. so, you know, if governor romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so. >> alex, what's he trying to do there? >> well, first i think what the president is trying to do is, you know, there's been a very consistent critique of his performance on foreign policy from the right, that the obama administration has not been supportive enough of allies like israel, has not been assertive enough with iran. what obama's trying to do is claim a sort of aggressive middle ground that would force romney in order to make that criticism of the white house, would force romney to take some positions that are just a little bit out of step with where americans are. americans, after iraq and afghanistan, there is a sense, i think, there's not a huge appetite for more military action overseas. >> it is fascinating that we're talking so much about foreign affairs. i think a place we did not expect to be at this point in the campaign. let me go back to the domestic
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affairs. erin, you and i ohio girls, both. >> we are. >> different parts of the state. poll out this weekend shows the president is up five points. now, this is especially significant since -- well, no republican has won the white house without ohio. and take a look at the romney schedule for the next several days. you know, some people have questioned why he didn't do this tour right after the convention like when he had that momentum going. can a bust to tour turn this ar? >> they seem to think so, but notice that just yesterday, the obama campaign announced that president obama is going to be in ohio on wednesday at bowling green and kent state. they really want to take some of the media coverage away from mitt romney because they've held this consistent lead in ohio now for months. it's about a four-point advantage for the president in the real clear politics average. and that ohio poll is very respected by many pollsters as being pretty accurate and a good predictor of where the electorate is right now. so romney has some ground to
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make up. but with the president going, it might be hard for him to do that. >> alex, it's not just ohio. romney is losing almost every swing state, florida, colorado, pennsylvania. it looks like his path to victory is pretty small. >> it does. and this is the heart of the electoral problem for romney. even if he were able to overtake the president in ohio, he would still have to then overtake him in florida, north carolina, colorado, iowa, a couple other places. the bottom line is because states like michigan and pennsylvania, which were competitive for president bush a couple years ago, because they're not competitive now, mitt romney really does need to win almost every swing state on the map in order to win this election. >> i want to bring in bay buchanan, she is senior adviser to the romney campaign. bay, always good to have you on the program. >> thanks, chris. good to be with you. >> are we going to see anything new or different in ohio? i mean, when you look at the polls and you look at where mitt romney stands in the swing states, you guys got a tough haul. >> chris, i hate to disappoint you all, but anyone who knows
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anything about presidential politics or any politics knows four, five weeks is an eternity. anything can happen. no question, the polls are tight out there. nationally, we have a number of polls showing us within one or two. some showing us up. and our polls are showing us very, very tight. if you look at what happened last night in colorado, the governor had a rally out there. the place was packed. some people are telling me over 10,000 people showed up. enormous enthusiasm and excitement on our part. and our message is a clear one. not only does mitt romney have a plan to turn around this country, we cannot afford as americans four more years of this enormous debt, four more years of taxes and regulations that are crushing our businesses. we can't afford more americans on food stamps, chris. it's a clear message. we can't afford four more years of barack obama, and mitt romney can turn it around. it's a winning -- it's a winning message, very much so. >> and as you well know, bay, and you and i have have both been out on the road with losing campaigns, and there's often a lot of enthusiasm.
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they're often able, if they have a decent ground organization in that area, to pack a haul and get people excited and screaming for the candidate. but here's the harsh reality. if barack obama wins ohio and virginia, two states where he is now leading, your guy would have to win florida, north carolina, iowa, nevada, wisconsin, colorado, new hampshire. the realities of the map are tough. >> chris, you made an assumption that we're going to lose virginia and ohio. that is just not the case. ohio is in the margin of error. and if you look at a lot of these polls, they're overpolling democrats to push up the president's numbers. so you can say what you like, but there's no question winning campaigns have momentum and excitement underneath them. and that is what mitt romney's have. we are filling our halls, let me say, and it's a very exciting message, and it's one that's in the best interests of america, and the number one issue in the country is jobs, jobs, jobs, and we know the president of the united states has no clue how to
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put america back to work. and mitt romney knows exactly how to do it. >> i know you heard this, bay, but i want to play it for our viewers, what wisconsin everygor scott walker said yesterday. >> i want to see more passion. certainly in part it is a referendum on this president, there's no doubt about it. but i think for most americans, particularly in my state where there's an awful lot of swing independent voters, they want to know more than what's wrong with this president. they want to know what's right and what's going to move this country forward. i think mitt romney's got that plan. i want to see fire in the belly and move forward. >> that's the quote we were hearing ever since he said it, fire in the belly. does mitt romney have to show it? are we going to see it on this bus tour through ohio? >> chris, that's a good question. i think walker makes a point. there's no point that's what the american people want to see, determination and commitment they know in candidate has what it takes and is there to fight for them, and romney has it. you're going to see it out there. it's going to be a very strong emotional appeal to the american people to let them know i'm here to fight for you, to make
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certain we can turn the country around, get you off the food stamps that you now seem to require, just to take care of your own families, something that barack obama, a terrible legacy barack obama has given us. >> we also saw mitt romney release his taxes on friday. he paid 14% 20011 tax return because he didn't take all of his deductions for charitable contributions, and we should say he gave a lot of money to charity. in july he told abc if he paid more taxes than he owed, i don't think i'd be qualified to become president. so did he just disqualify himself? >> no, that's simple. he's always paid exactly what's been required by law. whatever his accountants said needed to be paid, he's written the check, no questions asked. and what happened this year is in january, he estimated -- there was an estimate accountants gave him as to what he'd be paying. when they finally did the tax return, they said sorry, governor romney, you're not paying that high. he said i told the people i was going to be paying that much, so
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that's what i'm going to take. it was just to make certain that that wasn't a misleading statement that he made in january. you know, this is what's interesting is last night what barack obama said on television, he actually said that the last ten days of the turmoil in the middle east was a bump in the road. chris, four americans were killed. four americans in a terrorist attack on our consulate. flags -- american flags are being burnt. and this is a bump in the road. it's time to start talking about barack obama and how he's completely clueless on foreign policy and the economy. >> -- has taken a lot of hits for his behavior after what happened in benghazi including a lot of conservatives who thought he jumped the gun. >> yes, chris, but why don't we talk now because that was two weeks ago. >> you brought it up. >> a president of the united states, last night, said this is a bump in the road who spent two weeks sending out his u.s. ambassador all about a video. is he still clueless as he is on foreign policy that he doesn't even understand that we have
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anti-american protests in the muslim world? they're angry. we now have an egyptian president giving us orders as to how we are to act. this is an america that is no longer has the respect of the world. and that's what barack obama promised us. he said he's going to turn it around. he's failed and he's calling the death of americans a bump in the road. i would say it's outrageous, and it's time for the national media to start talking about that. >> bay buchanan, always good to have you on the program. thank you very much. >> thanks, chris. >> back to our original point, alex, which is that we are going to be hearing -- and especially with the president tomorrow at the united nations, we have a clinton global initiative, so a lot of foreign affairs will be discussed there as well. is this something, though, that's going to resonate? how important might this be with voters? >> oh, chris, i think it's an extremely important threshold that any presidential candidate needs to clear. i don't know that there are going to be a lot of voters who go into the voting booths making their final determination based on foreign policy. >> what do you think about the argument bay just made about the president's comments last night? >> well, i think that this has been sort of the pattern of the
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romney campaign over the last couple weeks. that they're not really introducing new policy ideas. it's not a new message, but they're trying to find moments where they think the president has tripped himself up a little bit and reintroduced their original points, in this case that the president has not been strong enough in dealing with north africa, the middle east, the muslim world in the context of what they perceive as an obama gaffe. >> speaking of tripping up, the obama campaign can't get enough of the 47% gaffe by mitt romney, and they're releasing a new ad using that secret video. take a listen. >> he won't release his tax returns before 2010. maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, romney should come clean on his. >> that's going to be a line we're going to be hearing, erin. is it effective? >> it's effective in that the obama campaign will use it throughout tv ads. now, the romney campaign did do a good job of doing the friday news dump because we aren't talking about the tax returns as much today. instead a lot of the focus is on
7:13 am
these "60 minutes" interviews that the two candidates did last night. we are certainly going to hear more about this in campaign ads in the battleground states. >> erin mcpike, alexander burns, good to see both of you, thanks. new this morning, a study on hispanic voters that could significantly affect the outcome of the november election. the study conducted by the advanced project says at least 10 million hispanic u.s. citizens in 23 states could be discouraged from voting because of these new voting laws. 16 states allow purging of suspected noncitizens from voter registration lists. more than 5.5 million registered hispanic voters live in those states, and nine states have passed restrictive photo i.d. laws. there are closing arguments in federal court today over south carolina's new voter i.d. law. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada...
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to politics now where mitt romney and paul ryan both got a clean bill of health from their doctors. the campaign released their medical records this weekend. romney's doctor says he's a vigorous man who takes excellent care of his health. he takes a low dose aspirin every day as well as lipitor for his cholesterol. paul ryan's doctor says he's made important preventative lifestyle choices including a heart healthy diet and regular vigorous exercise. he also uses an inhaler for occasional airway hypersensitivity. michelle obama talked about this picture at a congressional black caucus dinner over the weekend. >> now, every couple of weeks, the white house photographers change out all the photos in the west wing, except for that one. that one and that one alone has hung on that wall for more than three years. so if you ever wonder whether
7:18 am
change is possible, i want you to think about that little black boy in the office, the oval office of the white house, touching the head of the first black president. >> and the terminator has a new tell-all promising to spill the dirty details from his cheating scandal with the family housekeeper. an excerpt obtained by the "new york daily news," he admits he should have come clean a long time ago. arnold schwarzenegger writing, "but instead of doing the right thing, i'd just put the truth in a mental compartment and locked it up where i didn't deal with it every day." and comedian sarah silverman has a new video encouraging people to get i.d.s to vote. here's the part we can show you without bleeping. >> more than 21 million americans don't have driver's licenses. >> what about my social security card? i've been using it for 70 years. >> no photo, no voto. i'm on to your shenanigans,
7:19 am
murray gershans if that is your real name. a big week ahead for todd akin who is challenging claire mccaskill in missouri. today he's holding a fund-raiser with former presidential candidate newt gingrich. tomorrow is the deadline for akin to get a court order to drop out of the race, although that does not seem likely. in the morning he'll talk to a group of pastors and kick off a statewide bus tour. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪
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former president bill clinton is fueling speculation that his wife, secretary of state hillary clinton, has not ruled out making a run for president in 2016. >> i think we ought to give her a chance to organize her life and decide what she wants to do. i just don't know. she's an extraordinarily able person. i never met anybody i thought was a better public servant. i have no earthly idea what
7:23 am
she'll decide to do. >> i'm joined now by former north dakota senator byron dorgan and by republican strategist and former newt gingrich spokesman rich galen. good to see you, gentlemen. good morning. >> we're running. senator dorgan and i are going to run. >> as a team? >> yeah. >> who's president? >> he is, of course. >> senator, let me start with you because it does seem there's been a little bit of a change. it was like absolutely not. hillary clinton, you know, via friends and the president said, you know, she's much more interested in becoming grandmother now than she is in becoming president. but now it does seem like bill clinton left an opening. did he? >> well, i don't know that. i mean, he just said who knows? you know, i had a chance to know bill and hillary clinton since he was attorney general back in arkansas. of course, i served in the u.s. senate with hillary. i think she's been a remarkable secretary of state. and, you know, although we're now talking about this election, when we get past this election
7:24 am
and start thinking about the next election, pretty clearly hillary clinton would be on the minds of a lot of people about a potential presidential contest. >> well, let's talk about her approval rating, rich, now at 66% favorable. just short of a record high back in 1998. how formidable would she be? >> well, it's hard to say. we don't know what the landscape's going to look like. and she would be the second oldest president at inauguration right behind ronald reagan and just ahead of william henry harrison for those who are scoring at home. but i think it's pretty clear down here in washington, i think senator dorgan might agree, that for the people that were hillary clinton supporters four years ago, there is a significant amount of buyer's remorse that she didn't end up winning that primary. she's been an extraordinary secretary of state and by the way one of the longer serving secretaries of state. most of them don't last a full term, and she will be in the top 20 in terms of length of service
7:25 am
if she lasts out through the end of this first term. >> so you both agree, senator, that she's been an extraordinary, to use rich's word, secretary of state, but there are a lot of things that are still royiling, concern s i the middle east, iran, israel. there is a question if things would go very bad, not only how it would affect the president's chances for re-election, but could it reflect on hillary clinton? >> well, i don't think this country's in a position to stage manage of anything that's happening in the world. i do think that as secretary of state, the consensus, by almost everybody, is she's done a remarkable job. she's traveled all around the world. she has instant credibility where she lands. for that reason, i think, you know, when bill clinton talks about what he doesn't know, you know, he says let's give her some time. i think it is the case, having served as first lady, then served in the u.s. senate.
7:26 am
now served as secretary of state. there rwill be some time when se leaves the secretary of state's office. and i'm sure she'll make some judgments, but i'll bet you this. i'll bet there are a lot of people around this country who will be reaching out to her because she clearly will be in play in terms of the people who have an opportunity to run for president and have an opportunity to be one of the leading candidates. >> yeah, i mean, obviously, it would change the landscape of the race if she would decide to get in. we were just looking at some pictures of her this morning at the clinton global initiative with the former president. but she said something that perked up a lot of people's ears. i think it might have been off script, i'm not 100% sure. most of her talk being about what's going on in the world, but listen to this. >> you know, i'm out of american politics, but it is a fact that around the world, the elites of
7:27 am
every country are making money. there are rich people everywhere. and yet they do not contribute to the growth of their own country. >> i don't know, there was a little bit of that, rich, maybe that sounded politically campaigny to me. >> i'm going to give her credit for this. she was at the clinton gloesbal initiative. the former president has specifically designed these programs to have those exact people donate money to make sure that good works can get done. and i suspect that it was in the context of that. but let me go back to something that you were talking about earlier, and frankly bay buchanan was talking about it in the last segment, that there are a lot of folks down here that believe that if the white house were better at reaching out to people like hillary clinton, their own secretary of state, and listening to her suggestions that the world actually might be a little more stable today than it has been because she really
7:28 am
does have more credibility than i think even the president does, especially in the middle east and some parts of europe. >> one more quick political question, senator. well, you want to answer, obviously. >> just in terms of reaching out, hillary clinton is secretary of state because president barack obama made that appointment. i think she's played a very significant role and worked very closely with this president on foreign policy issues. >> and let me ask you really quickly, senator, if she did decide to run for president, what does that mean for joe biden? how would they do in a head-to-head race? >> you know, i'm sitting here thinking this is kind of byzantine anyway because we've got an election in 40 or 45 days. my question who's going to run in 2020 or 2024? but, look. we're going to have a woman president someday in this country. hillary clinton is one of the most talented political people around. she's a woman who came very close to being president, in my
7:29 am
judgment, and i think she'll be a factor in the coming campaigns. >> senator dorgan, rich galen, good to see you both, gentlemen. thank you so much. >> thank you. if you read only one thing this morning, and the message of my must-read today is ante up. researchers are calling it tip creep. apparently tipping 15% in some cases 20% isn't enough anymore. earlier this year, a family was locked inside a restaurant in houston after refusing to pay 17% gratuity. what do you think? it's up on our facebook page at facebook/jansingco. let me know what you think. would you tip 25%? want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. want to give them more vitamins, omega 3s, and less saturated fat? it's eb. eggland's best eggs. eb's. the only eggs that make better taste and better nutrition... easy. eggland's best eggs. better taste. better nutrition.
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better eggs. it's eb.
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sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice. president obama took a swipe at republicans on education at a weekend fund-raiser in milwaukee. >> millions of students are paying less for college because we took on a system that was wasting billions of dollars and start giving that money to
7:33 am
students. now, my opponent, he wants to gut our investments in education to give tax breaks to the wealthy. >> well, there are disagreements, education analysts also point out that democrats and republicans do share some common ground on key education issues including charter school expansion, teacher performance evaluations and national standards. let me bring in michelle reese, ceo and founder of students first and, of course, am former chancellor of the washington, d.c., public schools. always good to have you on the program. good morning. >> nice to be here. thanks. >> let me talk a little bit about the president's education policies because he has pumped billions of dollars of stimulus money into education for charter schools, for student test scores, to evaluate teachers, among other things. has the money been well spent, do you think? >> oh, absolutely. i think the $4.3 billion that was invested in the race to the top initiative has sparked more
7:34 am
legislative change in activity in states across the country than we've ever seen before in this kind of period of time. and i think all of the states now are having important conversations about things like how do we more effectively evaluate our teachers. so i think it has absolutely been money well spent. >> critics do say the obama approach overemphasizes testing and crowds out arts and other subjects. what do you think about that? >> i think that's absolutely incorrect. you know, it's very clear that what the administration is saying is that when teachers are evaluated, they should be evaluated through multiple measures, meaning yes, how their students achieve academically should count as one portion of that, but they should also look more holistically at things like observations of classroom practice, what the teachers and kids say about how the teacher is performing, how the school does overall. and so i don't think that it's an overemphasis on one thing or another. >> we did mention that race to the top has been pretty popular actually with republicans as well. 33 states have now been excused
7:35 am
from no child left behind. six others have waivers pending. i know you've heard the concerns of some civil rights groups. they've worried that this is going to sort of take the pressure off of states to help poor children perform as well as their wealthier classmates. is that a concern you have, and how can be it be addressed? >> well, it certainly is a concern when you look at waivers that we aren't giving states a pass. one of the good things about no child left behind, and that is a law that certainly needs to be modified, it's not a perfect law, but one of the things it did was to put really strong accountability on all states and all schools to make sure that every single subgroup of children were progressing at an aggressive level. and so one of the things that we have to look for with the waivers is are we still ensuring that states are accountable for ensuring that kids, all kids, meet very, very high expectations? >> well, speaking of expectations, the minimum is that they graduate high school. and as i was watching some of the education nation stuff
7:36 am
yesterday, again this statistic really struck me, more than 3.2 million young people dropped out of high school in 2010. among 35 countries, the u.s. ranks 14th in reading, 17th in science, 25th in math. obviously, alarming numbers. why are we so far behind? >> well, you know, there's no one reason why we are in the situation that we're in as a country. but it is very clear that if we don't improve our public education system quickly, that we're not going to be able to compete in the global marketplace. if we are 25th out of 34 nations in math, then that means that we're not going to be able to produce the engineers, the computer programmers that we need to be able to remain number one. and that is a real concern not just for parents who have school-age children but for business owners and the entire economy. >> we're going to get some really good information when both presidential candidates address education nation. i'm sure you're looking forward
7:37 am
to that. michelle, thank you for being on the program. have a great week. making news this morning, a possible breakthrough in breast cancer treatment. scientists say they've discovered four genetically distinct types of the disease. some of them can be treated with cancer drugs that are already approved for other parts of the body. the study is being called the road map for how doctors can cure breast cancer in the future, a disease that still kills 35,000 women a year in this country. heartbroken zookeepers in washington are getting clues as to what may have caused the death of a giant panda bear cub at the national zoo yesterday. at a news conference a short time ago, the zoo said it found an unusual amount of fluid in the abdomen and liver appeared abnormal as well. the findings are still early, so they won't have a definite cause of death for weeks. they also revealed they believe that the baby cub was a girl. a new york man who jumped into the tigers exhibit at the bronx zoo will have to face a judge soogs he gets out of the
7:38 am
hospital. the 25-year-old jumped off the mono rail friday into the den because cops say he wanted to, quote, be one with the tigers. instead, one of them bit him in the back, arms, legs, shoulder and dragged him by his ankle. he will be charged with criminal trespassing. a riot broke out in china at a factory that supplies iphone parts. now the plant is shut down. it's been accused of mistreatment of workers at its operations in china in the past. but this trouble apparently started when workers started brawling with security guards. eventually it all involved more than 1,000 workers. and speaking of apple, new sales numbers have just come out on the iphone 5. cnbc's mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. okay, how many were sold? >> enough to sell out, chris. more than 5 million iphone 5 sales in the first three days after it hit stores. now, that number blasted past sales of the iphone 4. those sold more than 4 million units in its first weekend in
7:39 am
october of last year. however, there is some controversy here. firstly, there are complaints about the new apple maps which some users find is not as good as google maps. also claims that the back case of the iphone 5 is highly susceptible to scratching, and it gets worse with a number of users claiming they received their iphone 5s damaged directly out of the packaging. a few little bumps to smooth out. >> no, you don't want to finally get your iphone 5 and not be able to use it. let's talk about free checking which might be a misnomer these days. >> not really free. new regulations, we know, chris, have been hurting bank revenues. in fact, the industry looks to lose more than $10 billion a year in revenue through various restrictions on debit cards and overdraft policies. so they're trying to make up for it elsewhere. so to avoid a monthly fee, bank customers here in the states must keep an average minimum balance of $723 in checking accounts. that's up 23% over last year, that's according to bank rate. and the average monthly fee on noninterest checking accounts
7:40 am
rose 25% to $5.48, that's also a record. and you know, i mean, we all feel it. you know, you go to the atm, fees have been raised there, overdraft fees have been raised there. they're basically nickel and diming us. chris? >> we feel it. cnbc's mandy drury, thank you so much. >> thank you. well, it was quite a political night at the emmys. "game change," the hbo movie based on the 2008 campaign best-seller won best mini-series or movie. and julianne moore won for her portrayal of sarah palin. >> wow, wow! i feel so validated because sarah palin gave me a big thumbs down. >> terrorism thriller "homeland" won best drama. and both of the show's leads, claire danes and damian lewis, won top acting honors. and julia louis-dreyfus won for playing vice president salina meyer in the hbo series "veep." her speech really got a laugh. >> first of all, i would like to
7:41 am
thank nbc "parks and rec," my beautiful boys archie and abel -- uh -- >> just kidding. that was amy poehler's speech. good side gag. of course, she plays another politician on "parks and recreation." time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. andrew rosenwach is the fourth generation owner. you'll find his family's handmade wooden water tanks on hundreds of new york city rooftops. even today these tanks are shaped by hand with century-old tools. he says you don't throw out what works, you just build upon it. for more watch "your business" this sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues
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at mitt romney is now blaming president obama for the extraordinary amount of fund-raising in his presidential campaign. >> this is a bit of an unusual thing in that we've got the first candidate, presidential candidate, in history -- excuse me, since watergate -- to say he was not going to follow the federal spending limits was president obama. in his last campaign. he's doing it again this time. so to be competitive, it means a lot more fund-raising than i think i would like. >> both campaigns and their supporters have ramped up their spending on tv ads. spending $47 million just last week. president obama's campaign was
7:45 am
the single biggest spender, dishing out $16 million. although romney's campaign and his backers in total outspent by $8 million. i'm joined now by jonathan, director of communications for american crossroads. good to see you, jonathan. good morning. >> good morning. >> that is a lot of money by any standards. but "the wall street journal" kind of dissed groups like yours this morning, and i'm quoting here, "super pacs are looking less super. signs are few that super pacs have had the major impact that both supporters and critics predicted. the flood of spending doesn't appear to have significantly influenced voter opinion in key states in the presidential contest or in top congressional races." so for all your hard work, all your fund-raising, "the wall street journal" is suggesting you might be irrelevant. is that fair? >> well, what it did is unfortunately "the journal" piece took what we did in isolation and didn't compare it against what obama was doing at the same time. so go back to may. and in may, from may until august, president obama and his
7:46 am
campaign spent $173 million trying to define mitt romney as a vampire, as a corporate raider. and so on and so forth. and over that same period of time from may until august, the republican outside groups spent about $144 million. so $30 million less. and what did you see over that same period of time from april 29th until the end of august, the poll, the gallup daily tracking poll, essentially remained unchanged. what you really had at the same time was obama trying to overwhelm romney with negative advertising, and the republican outside groups were more or less kind of evening the game out a little bit. both candidates got weakened, and the polls roughly stayed the same from may until august. >> all right. so are they right? >> well, no. i think what "the journal" analysis did is just kind of took what republican super pacs are doing in isolation. it was like assuming that nothing else was going on. oh, my gosh, you spent $144 million, but the numbers didn't move. well, it ignored the fact that obama spent $173 million in those same states over the same period of time. and what did you see but the numbers stayed almost exactly
7:47 am
the same over that period of time. it was like two sides just kind of fighting it out to a draw. >> bill clinton came to this conclusion. here's what he had to say. >> i think the president will win, but i think you can't know because of the enormous financial advantage that citizens united gave to these republican super pacs, and because of the work they have done and will do on election day to try to reduce the number of young people, first-generation immigrants and minorities voting. >> is he right? >> well, i don't think you have to do anything to reduce the numbers of young people voting for president obama because most of them don't have jobs. i mean, the unemployment rate for young people is so much higher than it's ever been. and that has to do with obama's policies. he promised a lot, but he hasn't delivered on the economy. and that's really been the message that american crossroads has been bringing to the american people as well as a lot of republican outside groups. so i don't think there's any kind of conspiracy going on. i think a lot of people are looking at the president's
7:48 am
record. they're looking at the promises that he made. they're seeing a disconnect between those two things. and they're looking elsewhere for their votes. >> let's talk about message because another somewhat critical article in politico talks about the lack of focus in messaging. oftentimes the message from republican groups and the romney campaign is not consistent. i know having gone to some of the battleground states and you see all these different messages, and it can make your head spin. they're on a lot of different topics. could the super pacs be hurting the candidates? i'm talking on both sides by muddling the campaigns' message? >> one of the issues with the campaign finance laws is that outside groups like crossroads or priorities usa can't coordinate legally with the candidates or the party committees. so all the activity that we do, all the ads we put on the air have to be completely independent of what the campaign is doing. now, i don't think that the message has been all that muddled. american crossroads, look at all our ads on youtube, they're about the economy, jobs, debt. they're mainly about the same types of issues that romney is talking about. they might not be on the same
7:49 am
week, but we have to go out and say what we're going to do, and we think it's had a big impact in holding the president accountable for what he said he was going to do and what the results have been in 2012. >> let me finally ask you because democrats have been saying one of the things to watch for in this campaign is when groups like yours start putting more of their money into congressional races. it will be a sign that they've given up hope that mitt romney can now pull ahead in these battleground states where he's behind. is that what would happen? >> well, we have the pedal on the metal on this presidential election. and it is winnable. mitt romney is close in every single state that he needs to be. he may not be ahead, but these are within the margin of error. debates will change a lot. this is a close election against an incumbent president that has a lot of personal appeal. we think that this thing is absolutely winnable. you will see us spend money on senate and house races, but we announced back in july that we were going to spend maybe $70 million on senate races. and we're going to spend a lot on house races as well. so i wouldn't draw too much attention to that. but we are definitely in it to
7:50 am
win on this presidential race. >> american crossroads, jonathan, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you for having me. from mega money to social media. how much of that is too much when it comes to the campaigns? that's next.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
mitt romney's 47% remark is still lighting up social media. one week after it went viral. jansing & company just got new numbers from visible measures. those video clips have been viewed nearly 9 million times. they've generated 50,000 comments so far. but this is a new week, and the campaigns aren't leaving things as they are. are they, richard? >> no, they're not. good morning, chris. for instance, emmys, a new hollywood drive will help president obama. 20 to 30 stars will spend 15 minutes at a california photo shoot. penny marshall will be there, ashley fink from "glee" will grace the twitter and facebook
7:54 am
posts as well. and katie psychiatrstrickland f "private practice." the dress code here, black shirts and black pants and holding green leaves to reflect the keep it growing theme. this don't take it for granted push could reflect drops seen on social media recently. both of their twitter political indices which measure tweet sentiment dropped since the conventions. and a week on from the 47% comment which you were just mentioning there, they saw a 17-point spread at one point. that difference now settles to predust-up levels. the president still leads by other measures. facebook likes, for instance, romney has 7 million. romney, 28 million. on twitter last hour, obama has 20 million followers. romney, 1 million. but not all of these followers are real, says social media company status people. their engine finds that just 24% of obama followers are good, and 55% of romney's in these little areas here.
7:55 am
now, still the good ratio when you look at it with obama is 7x, if you were to do the math there. either way romney has an opportunity here, says an article entitled "is romney homsocial?" 57% to 80% of these users dominated by women. and romney's early social media efforts here, chris, were not as aggressive as obama's. >> i guess it's too early. we've never had a campaign like this, so we'll see if these kinds of numbers actually have any relationship to getting people to the polls. >> the first social media campaign, they say. right? >> fascinating stuff. thank you so much, richard. and that does wrap up this hour of "jansing & co." thomas roberts is up next. >> good morning. mitt romney sets aside fund-raising for actual campaigning. with only 43 days left, can romney reveal his true core to voters? first stop, battleground ohio. the power panel is going to weigh in on that today. meanwhile, president obama
7:56 am
defends his decision not to meet one on one with world leaders as he heads to new york for a high-stakes address at the u.n. but he will sit down for an interview with the ladies of "the view." we'll ask jamie reuben if that's a smart move. and then late-night comics take aim at undecided voters. is our presidential election in the hands of people like octo-mom and kim kardashian? the bottom line with the swing vote. that and more coming up next hour. e ♪ ♪ to look at [ sighs ] ♪ oh, he's shaggy ♪ and he eats like a hog [ male announcer ] the volkswagen jetta. available with advanced keyless technology. control everything from your pocket, purse, or wherever. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ that dirty, old egg-suckin' dog ♪ oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech.
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its multi-action formula restores visibly healthier skin in 3 days. neosporin® eczema essentials™. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. hi, everybody, good morning, i'm thomas roberts. topping the agenda today, 43 days and counting. the president this week will balance the roles of commander and campaigner in chief while mitt romney tries to take his own operation back on track. now, both candidates also preparing for the first debate. that's just nine days from now. and we did get a little bit of a preview of what we could see in dueling "60 minutes" interviews. >> people are fearful about the future for their families. how do you respond to that?


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